Sunday, October 14, 2018

DAPHNIS -- Scarves etc 7 is here!

I am happy to announce the release of my scarf design, DAPHNIS.

Daphnis is just one of 10 beautiful knitwear designs for hand-knitters included in Quince and co's annual neckwear collection, Scarves etc, 7.

The cables of Daphnis are very round and flowing. Its generous size makes it a statement piece.
The cable crossings are unique in that three groups of stitches are crossed using two cable needles. (I found using two bamboo double-pointed needles worked even better for me than using cable needles.)

The cable crossings are all the same and there are over 100 of them.
I loved using Osprey for Daphnis. It is a lofty, soft, plump and round wool yarn that has tremendous stitch definition -- perfect for the triple-cross Daphnis knitted cables. The Aran weight Osprey worked up beautifully to make a substantially-sized piece that is light and lofty. The Nightshade colorway is a favorite of mine, but there are dozens more to choose from.

Thanks for reading!