Thursday, February 16, 2017

Snow Day -- takin' photos & bein' chill

February 9, 2017 was a Snow Day in Philadelphia, PA.

Sources* tell me, "Everyone was predicting a 'Snowpocalypse' and what we got was just a little bit of snow, in February, which is when snow is supposed to fall. But still, it has been the only real snow we’ve gotten this year, and everyone kinda wanted this to be a bigger deal than it was, so I get it..."

My son, his girlfriend, and my daughter all live within a couple blocks of each other in the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia.

A snow day meant working from home for the day. The sun was shining by the lunch hour, and they all went outdoors -- not to play -- but, to get me some Just Chillin' hat photos.

My favorites:

Manayunk, PA, on a sunny, windy, and cold Snow Day... when they got "just a little bit of snow".

Much thanks to my most beloved young people... striding around the streets of Manyunk in their Just Chillin's... takin' photos & bein' chill...   

Love you so much!!!


  1. Aren't children grand! And I find adult children absolutely the best. Great pictures.

  2. However many years retired from teaching, I still get a thrill out of a "snow day"!