Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 (I am not the right person to ask, but I am afraid.)

Ever since my Thanksgiving weekend in Vermont, I have been working on a new blog post.

It started out so well, with a couple of lovely photos.

Then, a whole lot of home re-modeling happened under this roof, and I tried... and I tried... but the post never happened.

I am now, in the earliest hours of the new year (not in a normal way about anything) (at all).

I do not ever remember a New Year's Eve when I felt such a sad sense of dread.

So sad I feel this tonight.

What about you? 


  1. Oh Carolyn. I can relate - maybe not for the same reasons, but I haven't been a 'holiday person' for many years. Right before Thanksgiving I start looking forward to January. Too many sad things have happened to me during the holidays and I just can't shake that feeling.

    Of course, this year we have a new political leader in the wings and he makes me very uneasy. I don't know what is causing your sadness. Take up some physical activity like walking - that is what I am doing. It helps some. In fact, I am focusing on totally personal private things for 2017 (things I have control over) and I am hoping for it to be a good year. I am due one.

    1. So good of you to reply, Elaine! I am happy to hear this from you.

      I did not plan to post anything at 1 hour and 22 minutes into the new year. And I thought that I would wake up and delete it today.

      When I re-read it this morning, I decided it is OK for me to say that here. This is my own little corner of the web. I did not delete.

      (that new political leader is so much a part of this) (but it is not all)

      I am now encouraged to write my next post.

      Thank you, Elaine, Happy New Year!

    2. I have been slow at posting on my blog as well - for several months. I hope to correct that. Chin up! The winter is always hard. And it makes other problems feel more intense. Today we are getting our first snow. I know you guys in northern PA have already had several snows. No matter. Each day that passes brings us closer to spring. Joyful Knitting.

  2. Hi Carolyn,
    So sorry to hear that you were feeling sense of dread. Winter can certainly be taxing, and the holidays are generally so busy that after they are over we often need time to rest and recoup.
    And you had home renovations to deal with too. Wow!
    Do take some time to pamper yourself and do what you love because you definitely deserve it!
    My Best Wishes to you my friend...