Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools' Day

I am generally not a snow lover, but I do always say that snow is very pretty on trees in the sunshine.  The first photo was from my back deck this morning.  (The sun was just beginning to rise over the mountain behind.)

The second photo was shot through my front window.  Missing in both photos is the sparkle-in-the-sun thing that was going on out there.  (Like a whole lot of glitter.)

The transience of this beauty was the best thing about it.

This April Fools' Day is very sunny with temperatures around average, and (thankfully) average (now) is (actually) warm enough to melt the three inches of snow that fell here yesterday.

There are a lot of birds outside, but I have not seen any flowers yet.  I will be searching for flowers in the days to come.

I hope that spring has found you!


  1. The snow looks pretty, but is nice that it melts fast. We call the late snow spring fertilizer. :)
    No flowers here yet, but I saw 3 robins yesterday. Woo Hoo!
    Enjoy the bright spring days, Carolyn, and Happy Easter, too!

  2. I can say that I have missed the snow this winter - but not the amount that they got at home!