Thursday, January 8, 2015

1430 Days (Approx.)

The first of my patterns to be published were two indie designs that I originally wrote for knitting classes that I taught in the early years of this century.  On February 5, 2011, I uploaded two pdf files on Ravelry and made them available for free downloading.  That was truly the day that I became a knitwear designer.

It took:
(4 x 365) - 30 = 1430 days (Approx.)

for this to happen.

Ravelry Patterns "Hot Right Now"  2015-01-06

I am not sure that this chain of events will ever happen again:
1) A couple months ago while preparing for the Indie Designer Gift-A-Long sale, I really wished that I had more patterns for sale on Ravelry. I knew that it was too close to the sale to change anything (apparently there are people who do notice a price change/increase timed too closely before a % off sale).

2) My two oldest patterns have been free since I uploaded them, Feb 5, 2011. They have been used many times (with no reported problems) to make many lovely projects. I decided to add a note to the two pattern pages that stated these patterns will be free until their 4 year anniversary, Feb 5, 2015 and then will be available for $2.

3) Since then, I actually thought of taking those notes down. I recently created some tidy little bundles on my designer page, and I liked the way the group of free ones complimented each other.

4) But then, just 3 days ago, a Raveler named ClioD posted about the patterns here and here. These are threads just for Ravelry “for sale” patterns being (temporarily) offered for free. Everyone loves “free”. The comments and hearts and queing were non-stop for a while there!

5) The activity is starting to slow down. After all the attention, I guess that now I have no choice but to begin to charge for them after Feb 5 :-)

The note on my pattern pages: 

"This pattern will continue to be free until its 4th anniversary of being offered on Ravelry. After February 5, 2015, this pattern will be available for purchase at a price of $2.00."

The patterns are Both Sides Now and TATU Sock.

Enjoy them while they are free.
Enjoy them after that.


  1. How wonderfully generous of you to have offered them at no charge for so long. Thanks Carolyn!

  2. Thank you for offering the Both Sides Now scarf pattern. I can’t wait to try it.