Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Scrunchable FO

I had only two FO's in June.  (I will be quiet about one of them.  It is my own design, and when the time is right, I hope to release the pattern.)

The June FO that I am writing about today is my Hakusa which I nicknamed "Scrunchable".  My two favorite FO photos are:

Finished June 15, 2013

Pattern: Hakusa Scarf by Kristen Johnstone
Size: Large

Yarns by Habu Textiles:
 A-20/21 1/20 silk stainless steel, Color #8 (pale gray/green), 2 cones
N-75 2/48 Fine Merino, Color #3024 (deep forest), 1 cone

Project Notes:
1)  The cast-on with the single strand of superfine lace-weight metallic yarn requires a great deal of patience, as does the first few rows, but any determined knitter can get through that...  (:-))
2)  The unique triangular shape is created by increasing 1 stitch every 6th row on the RS end of row, and deceasing a total of 3 stitches every 2 rows on the opposite edge.  On RS rows this includes a sl1-k1-psso on the heels of another sl1-k1-psso.  I found this to be too bunchy, and I knit a stitch in between.  The finished edge is still a bit "pulled" looking as you can see in the photo below.

I think that I have enough yarn left to make a second Hakusa in the smaller size (which I would call a neckerchief).  This really is a great mindless grab-and-go project once you get past that pesky beginning part.  I have already started, and have several of the decrease rows completed.  This time I have added even more stitches between the decreases working all RS rows as in:  K3, ssk, k2, ssk, k to end.  It looks a lot smoother.

3) A final note:  I slipped the first stitch on every row before the decreasing began and then only on the WS rows after that.
Knit Rows (before decreasing):  Wyif, sl 1 pwise, move yarn to back, knit.
Purl Rows (for entire project):  Wyib, sl 1 kwise, move yarn to front, purl (purling 2 tog at end once the decreasing starts).
This makes a more finished edge, but is definitely not needed on knit rows once all that decreasing begins.

Happy summer knitting!


  1. What a beautiful wispy creation! I have a little experience with the Habu silk with stainless - it can be a bit fussy - but the movement that it has given your "Scrunchable" is delightful!

  2. Beautiful. I gave never worked with matallic yarn.

  3. Silk stainless steel;I bet it is fun to knit with.

    BTW, I love your Jonna and Jemma cowls. Great designs!

  4. I love the look of this project - beautiful!

  5. This is so pretty, a perfect cool weather accessory.

  6. I love Habu!! Great scarf.