Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Super Sweet Blogger Award

I often feel like blogging is just a job that I must do.  As an aspiring knitwear designer, I feel that I must have at least this little bit of a presence (my own little corner) on the world wide web.  At other times, when I write a post that I am happy about, I have to admit that I do really enjoy it... blogging can be a very rewarding activity.  The second anniversary of my humble little blog is now approaching, and for the very first time I have been nominated for a blogger award.  I was very surprised to be nominated for something called the "Super Sweet Blogger Award" in a recent post by Linda Marveng.

Linda Marveng is an extremely talented and accomplished Norwegian knitwear designer.  (My link here is to her Ravelry designer page which is in English.  Please go see it!)  Her knitting book, To rett en vrang. Designstrikk, was published in January 2012, and is currently available only in Norwegian.  If I remember correctly, Linda and I first became acquainted, not so very long ago, when I favorited or commented on this design from her book.

© Kim Müller, from
To rett en vrang. Designstrikk
 I do very much love this design, Morbearsilkejakke,
 and I do hope to see it in English one day.

On being nominated, my thoughts were... what do I do now?  I know that I can answer the five questions, but I also know that I cannot, at this time, nominate twelve other blogs.  I regularly read many more than twelve blogs, but not so very many bloggers read mine.

I began by reading some of the blogs of the other nominees.  Some were in Norwegian (or other languages).  Most of the English language ones, even now, have not responded to being nominated.  But one blog in particular, "My Retiring Life", not only responded, but amazed me, with this post: "Everything goes so quickly for us..."  She, Tracy, included a complete description of the Grandfather Knitting Clock from a recent post by Linda Marveng.

To repeat, my Two (New) Great Blog recomendations:
Linda Marveng

My Retiring Life

Now onto the five questions.  Let me be brief.

1.  Cookies or cake?  I really do not eat very much of either.  But when I am at a wedding, a baptism or first communion celebration, a graduation, or even a birthday party, I always eat a couple bites of the cake.  I feel like it is just good manners.  Cake it is.
2.  Chocolate or vanilla?  Chocolate!
3.  Favorite sweet treat? 
I do eat chocolate.  My current favorites are Ghirardelli Intense Dark Sea Salt Soiree Bar (with sea salt and roasted almonds) and Lindt Excellence A Touch of Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar.
4.  When do you get hit with cravings?  Mid to late afternoon.
5.  Sweet nickname?  I do not have one.  My father had the nickname "Sweets" at work, so I guess I am "Sweets' Daughter".

Tracy, of My Retiring Life, nominated only four blogs.  She said that she had the option of nominating up to a baker's dozen.  I was glad that I read that, because I knew that I could not nominate twelve.

I will nominate six.  I enjoy reading them all.  I know that only some of these bloggers read my blog.  I do hope that anyone I nominate will participate only if they really want to!

Black Bunny Fibers

Blue Peninsula

My Next 20 Years of Living

Spinning First

Swatch Diaries

The Rainey Sisters


  1. Thanks you Carolyn! LOL - maybe I better get a new post out!

    1. I enjoy your blog and I think that you post often enough. I know that spinning comes first! And weaving and knitting, too.

  2. Congratulations Carolyn! And many thanks for your kind words about me and my blog. This is one of the things that I love about blogging. I have made such good blogging friends both near and far. Happy knitting!

    1. Thanks, Tracy! I truly am happy to have found your blog. I think it brilliant that you always begin with a quote. (I have done some quoting here, myself, and just might borrow one or two of yours.) Happy knitting, crafting and cooking!

  3. Congrads Carolyn! I remember the first time I was selected for a blog award - I was thrilled. I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for nominating me for this award.

    1. you are welcome! I enjoy reading your blog.

  4. Thank you so much for marvelous complements and for including links, Carolyn! I enjoyed reading about your sweets and will check out your nominees!

    1. Thanks for commenting! You deserve the compliments and included links!