Monday, October 15, 2012

"Like Eating Candy"

I have been a knitting teacher for some time now.

I have morphed from teaching beginner knitting at my local Michaels Arts & Crafts store to teaching, well, harder stuff, ("whatever you want to teach"), at the very best ever LYS in the Wyoming Valley of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Gosh Yarn It!

This month I am teaching a two-session class on "two-handed stranded colorwork".  It is a lot easier to say "Fair Isle" which is a slight misnomer as you may read about here.  The class project is my own "Equilibrium Cowl" which I originally designed with the idea of teaching a two-session class on this type of colorwork.  Here is a lovely photo taken by Ann for Gosh Yarn It!

© Ann Ross, Gosh Yarn It!

I would say (and I did say it once before on this blog) that colorwork is at the tippy top of my favorite things to teach.  During class last Saturday, one of my students remarked, "I am loving this knitting with color so much!  It's like eating candy!"  She added, "If I did not have an engagement party to go to later, I would sit and do this for the rest of the day."

How very happy that made me!

I also have a favorite comment from an Equilibrium project page on Ravelry.  This is from OPKnitter "There are some patterns that make you smile when you knit them. This is one of those."

How very happy that made me! 

It is fantastic to share my own joy in working stranded colorwork!

© Knitscene, Interweave Press
Though KNITSCENE ACCESSORIES 2012 is no longer available on newsstands, it may still be purchased online.  This page has links for purchasing both the digital (.pdf) and print (back order) issues from the Interweave Store.  "Equilibrium" is just one of thirty-three amazing accessory patterns, any of which would be great for holiday gift knitting.

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