Monday, July 9, 2012

Not Posted

I am back home again.
We have been on vacation once again.
(I will be sharing more about this last vacation very soon.)
Mr K and I have been on vacation for 22 of the last 38 days.

Mr K was quite ill for well over a year and is doing much better now.

He has very many friends and we have been saying "Yes, yes!" to some great invitations. It has been like making up for lost time.
Just before we left on this last vacation, I tried to write a post about
(and including) the above photos.

I was rushed.

It did not seem worthy of publishing.
My very wise daughter said, "If you don't like a post, don't publish it."
I did not post/publish it.
I am back home once again.
I will leave it to your imagination to think about what it was that I wanted to say about the above photos in that abandoned post.
(BTW: Truth be told, I really am glad to be back home.)


  1. First of all I love both photos - the beach with the shadows - spectacular! When I first saw the second picture I thought the design was inspired by those shadows on the sand. Now I have 2 questions - where is that beach and what is that pattern????

  2. Thanks, Linda! The beach photo was shot from the same chair, under the same tree, as my post of June 13,
    It is Lindquist Beach on St Thomas, USVI.
    The swatch is for I design that I need to get back to working on! The design is a secret, but the stitch pattern need not be: It is from Barbara G. Walker's A TREASURY OF KNITTING PATTERNS, page 149. It is named "Dewdrop Pattern".