Friday, March 9, 2012

Just 50%

I am here, but I am not here.  I think that I am just 50%.

A person very close to me has spent the last eight nights here.

There has been a bit of a setback, and the discharge date has been pushed further out there.  I value the privacy of my loved ones more than my own, so that is all that I will say for now.  This is, of course, a knitting blog.

This hospital is about two hours away from my home.  I have been driving a lot.  But when I visit, there is time to knit.  If you are a knitter like me, then you know that it is absolutely essential that I do knit when I visit.

My "Traveling Socks" are at 50%.  I based the name on the name of the knitting pattern, "Route 66".  I did not know when I chose the project name just how many miles I would be traveling with these socks.

My "Swirling Spectra" is also at 50%. "Spectra" is an extremely popular pattern by Stephen West.  I created the project name to tie it in to all of my other Swirl knitting.  I have 43 wedges of 86 completed.

I have a definite love/hate relationship with Noro yarn.  Twice I wound up great lengths of beige-y neutral tones between the green and the blue.  What a long length of beige is still there!  But now I expect to finish with at least one more run of the pink and green.  It will work out OK.

And I and my loved one will be OK, too.  It will just take a little time.  If I do not post very much these days, at least you have an idea of why.  I truly am only 50% here.  Or 50% anywhere.



  1. Oh my. Two hours away. I have had a loved one in the hospital and I have been lucky enough to be 15 minutes away. Hope all is well.

  2. Sorry to hear a loved one is sick but glad it looks like everyone will be fine. Your knitting is lovely as always!