Monday, January 9, 2012

A Timeless FO

During the last week of November, I finished the 'neckline frills' for my Agatha Pullover, which I named Timeless.  I knit the frills on Grand Cayman Island, and during my travels to and from that beautiful place.  The name 'Timeless' is not very original considering that it is also the theme name for the group of patterns in Rowan 48 where the Agatha pattern may be found.  I loved the photo in the magazine with the brooch.  I have a similar brooch that my mother wore on my Christening day.

We had eleven people for dinner this Christmas which was wonderful.  My sister helped a lot with the meal.  When it was just about ready, I changed into the newly finished sweater, and I looked something like this.

I found the brooch to be too heavy to wear with the sweater, but when I have more time, I will try to pin it through to something worn beneath.

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  1. Oh, it is beautiful. I love the design and the color. My February Lady Sweater is blogging now. I hope to wear it this coming weekend on a trip to the beach. My cousin Linda can take pictures and I can post mine.