Monday, March 11, 2013

It was the Goldfish

My lack of blog posts might be blamed on "Goldfish".  Here are some lovely images of goldfish from Wikimedia.  These are photos that offer inspiring color palettes.

I might have posted my "Colorwork #5" post days earlier but I was stuck on the idea of getting an original photo of my framed art poster of "Goldfish" by Henri Matisse.  I love that poster.  It hangs in my family room.  I could not get a decent photo when it was cloudy, because the overhead light reflected on the plexiglass which is typical for a poster frame.  I could not get a decent photo when it was sunny, because the window light was reflected similarily.

It took a couple of days for me to decide to use a photo from Creative Commons at Flickr instead of my own pathetic poster photos.

I must admit that I cannot really blame "Goldfish" for me not posting.  What I can use is the excuse that other designers sometimes use on their blogs:  I have been working on a "Super Secret" design project.  It will take another week or two to finish.

If you like color as I do, I can recommend a great website that I learned of from the blog of knitwear designer, Linda Marving.  It is Design Seeds.  You can subscribe there (just type in your email address), and you will get one email each day with two photos and their accompanying palettes.  They always brighten my day.

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